Riniivan's Blog

Something about my life

He’s our Abisha

on November 10, 2013

He’s dancing , he’s singing, he’s crying, he’s climbing the window, stairs, cupboard  and other things with height, he’s falling down, he’s standing up, he’s laughing with his eyes, he’s making mistakes , he’s appologizing,he spells the prayer before eating and sleeping ( often he mixes up between waqina azzabannar and wa’amut :D) ,he says sorry, help please and thank You, he kisses a lot, hugs often, he’s saying “i love you” most of the time, he messed up the house, he draws all over his body with a marker,he loves to eats his mommy’ s made food,  he’s stubborn, he’s persistent, he’s a negociator, he makes me tired, he makes me happy and happy and happy, he is 2year and 7months, He is our Abisha ^_^

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