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Welcome 2015

on January 1, 2015

Wow, another year is coming now.Bye 2014, colourful one with so many blessings , Alhamdulillah. Wish much more blessing will follow in this 2015, strength to face whatever the challenges are, being grateful all the time.

2014 was a quiet challenging year, not a really good enough progress were made in improving self quality, but it was a happy one indeed.Some targets are achieved well, some others are still in progress and will be carried to this year

No specific resolution made for 2015, but we plan to start actively  joining Homeschooling group for Tangsel Area, besides seek for some info about Al Wildan Islamic School as well as Fajar Islami Kindergarten, for Abi.
And our insurance – education plan , will due this year after 7 years paying the monthly premium with not so harvesting investment bucket as per estimated hehehe then we plan to substitute this premium to health insurance for Abi and myself. Sinar Mas is the chosen one.

We also will have Lebaran day at Palembang this year hence i started to save some extra money for that. No holiday was put in the list, since we’ll go spontaneously should there be extra budget, Jogja or Bali is still our main destination.

Going to Hajj is still not in the list yet, though we have opened the Hajj Saving at Bank Mandiri and Alhamdulillah had funded some funds into those,but considering Abi is still too young to be left by, we decided to wait for some other year for full payment and get the seat number. Wish ALLAH still guarantee our age for that good willing and purpose, aamiin

Well, will those be achieved or not? Let Allah be the one to decide as we, just do our best to fight accordingly to his blessed way, aamiin YRA

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