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#sekolahbumomi : Simple Science Class and Cooking Session

on January 31, 2015

What are left from #sekolahbumomi

We had a simple science experiment three days ago.I put his things like crayon, paper clips, buttons etc in a paper cup filled water and freezeed it.

We made an acting as if he’s a fire fighter to rescue the trapped treasures from ice.
First he tried it by pouring water on it but didnt work well then i suggested to add large amount of sat to the water then pouring it again to the ice. Yes he saw the significant difference between the two and i gave him very simple explanation about it.

When his popi asked him about his doings that day, he answered that he saw salt melted out the ice easily 😀

And yesterday, cooking session, we made muffin topped with butter cream.
One day he asked me to make him a birthday cake and since we never told him about what birthday is as well as never celebrate it either, then i asked him what he knows about birthday. His answers? birthday is fiesta ,Mom, then i certainly knew, he got it from Barney Show 😀

So yesterday, whilst he was topping out the muffin and i told him that he’s making a birthday cake, again he protested me,”No mom, it’s not birthday cake, it’s muffin.Birthday cake is a large one, not this small. Well oke, i could barely conclude he also got it from Barney Show.

Oke, the cupcake itself was a cheesy one, with less sugar and no food chemicals like bicarbonate ,so dont expect it to be fluffy :-), but it’s soft enough though

For the topping , i mixed butter,whipped cream and spread cheese with less amount of powdered sugar. And yes ,since i still couldnt set my heart for food coloring, i just make three colors : original white, chocolate by melting 100grams of Dark Cooking Chocolate and pink by blending some fresh strawberry







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