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Sakinah,Mawaddah, wa rahmah

on July 30, 2015

Wokeey, ada yang bilang saya ini termasuk “difficult person”, ato ada juga yang bilang, saya ngga cocok sama banyaak orang,ato saya ini terlalu assertive. Trus ? Kenapa? U wanna hang out with me? bear what i have.U wanna walk with me? just walk without any judgement .Dont like me? No problem, just limit yourself from me or build your own boundary from me, that simple! No need further explanation from me since i am not tending to defend myself from your judgment

Dear Popi, thank You! Not only for loving me, but also for accepting me just the way I am.For still always trusting and considering me as a good person no matter how many negative sides i have. You deserve all best side of me , i guarantee. Thank You, thank You, thank You for your being saqinah  mawaddah wa rohmah to me and our marriage



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