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When We Miss You – A Tribute for Popi

on September 12, 2015

He’s our Imam, he’s our light ,he’s our laughter , he’s our cheers. Best hug always comes from him, as well as the affection.

He’s not a type of man who’s willing to sleep on the porch just because going home late that he doesnt want to wake his makmum awaken ,No.He’s ringing the phone instead, the latest time was 3:00AM in the morning.

He’s an honest hard worker ( aamiin, in sha ALLAH, istiqamah ) who recently always work until late at office, has to attend meeting out of town  hence making him always be home late.

But 1 thing we note, that I hope our son will learn ,from him is he always try to meet us, he always try to get back home no matter how late, no matter how tired he is ,no matter how he has to attend back to the meeting on the next day. He doesnt count the energy he spend just to meet us, as well as, he never count how much time he can spend with us before he gets back to work again, he’s always coming home!

No matter how luxurious time he has if he spends the night at actually  provided hotel. No! He chooses to go home, meeting us.

May Allah grants You good health and His ridha. A smile and overly cheerful acts from us ,me and Abi, is the best cure for him that always attract him home, things he always miss from us.

Work well, my man! As i will work my best for you at home, always! Nothing i ask from you, but just,please keep healthy, keep istiqamah in His way.Others could follow ^_^

So much love from us who deeply miss You, but heey, it’s true that every cloud has its silver lining. Now I and Abi learn what patience is, we learn how missing someone could grow the affection stongger, we learn how to cope with disappoinment , we learn how to strengthen each other when u are not around.

Again, may ALLAH always bless and shower You with his ridha, and may every single effort you do for us, will be paid back with His Jannah, Aamin YRA

Love, Momi & Abi

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