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Our Weekend Today!

on December 5, 2015

Popi is having his business trip to Surabaya today He supposed to fly on Friday but as i ever wrote here on previous post, he preferred not staying out of town should there still be any flight back to home at the same day. There he goes, taking first flight at 5:30 of departure and will be back to Soeta using last flight from Surabaya.

So, just the two of us plus Mimi as out companion ( Alhamdulilah ), just in sudden without any plan, we decided going to Pasar Kelapa Dua for having breakfast haha it’s actually not worth the transport price since we have to grab 2 ojek with tariff of 40 thousand for one way, 80 thousand back and forth ^_^ but heey, it was fun.

Arriving home, I cooked for lunch ( fried rice noodle :kwetiaw for mimi and baked cheesy broccoli for Abi ) ,fed Abi, set him up for napping and Mimi cleaned the house ( thanks a million mi, love You ).



Now, relaxing, missing Popi, preparing pizza for him and serving myself a bowl of caramel puding ^_^


Have a lovely weekend, good people ^_^

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